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God has brought together a colorful array of musicians that are gifted by Him in a vast array of musical genres. The band has performed mellow acoustic Sunday morning church worship services, played evangelistic youth rock outreaches and heavy blues for Jesus rock club events. Cloud Of Hope tries to follows Paul's admonition to be all things to all people. And they have in those areas they are equipped. Reaching people live and through their musical recordings is goal they continue to foster and as doors open they march on through to bring the Good News.

The band first began in 1992 with songs written by guitarist/vocalist Jim Warino with a focus on putting a Christian acoustic and rock band together. Jim got involved writing and recording with bands Fade From Black and Gnashing Of Teeth and after finishing CCCM School Of Ministry he picked up once again with Cloud Of Hope. Various Christian musicians were playing along the way and more songwriting was being accomplished. 2002 Rob Esten began singing with the band and also he is gifted on piano, trumpet, guitar and harmonica. Rob wrote the blues song “i’m Gonna Live My Life For Jesus” which is played at many of the events. 2005 the very unique and intense voiced Eva Pesek joined the band. 2011 saw the addition of Calvary Morning Star church worshipper and bassist Jeff Mericle. 2012 saw the addition of George Bilezikjian with years playing experience and many percussive elements to lay down the sonic groove of drums and percussion. 2015 thru 2019 many other vocalists have lended their talents and also are excited to track some of the upcoming recordings.

Throughout these exciting stages the band went to record a simple worship CD and then ideas abounded and then after 1 1/2 years both a 10 song acoustic and rock 10 song rock CD have emerged. The CD's are entitled Raising Praise Volume 1 Acoustic and Raising Praise Volume 2 Rock. Following suit the band released a double length 20 song CD (entitled Raising Praise Volume I and II) that features both the acoustic and rock songs running at nearly 80 minutes. They also released a CD entitled "Christmas Blessings" that features 12 traditional songs and a new original song called Merry Christmas All Blessings. The band shot a video for their original song "Jesus Christ Our King" and also they have shot live and rehearsal videos that can be seen on both their God Tube and you Tube accounts along with their facebook page.… Many of their CD's, T-Shirts and other items and downloads can be purchased from I Tunes, CD Baby, Tunecore. But you can of course hear many of our tunes on our sites. Cloud Of Hope is also scheduled in 2019 to record an original Blues CD and then also a rock, acoustic and hymnal CDs. Many ideas abounding and many ventures to go on. Cloud Of Hope's focus is to perform and record music to praise, proclaim and glorify Jesus Christ to all that will hear.

Glory to God in the highest.

Band Members:
Rob Esten: Vocals
Eva Pesek: Vocals
Jeff Mericle: Bass
George Bilezikjian: Percussion, Drums
Jim Warino: Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars


Band Members Bio:

Eva Pesek - Vocals

1. Name...Eva Pesek

2. Birthday...

3. Where did you grow up at?... West Covina , Walnut, Costa Mesa

4. Instrument? ...Vocals, Piano, Percussion Egg

5. Gear List?...Shure 57 Microphone, Egg, Accordion, Electric Keyboard

6. How long have you been playing?...14 years

7. What productions, bands or worship teams have you performed in?...Choir, Piano Recitals

8. Musical Influences?...Beatles, Blondie, Jars Of Clay, 3rd Day, U2

9. Favorite recordings?...How Long (Scarlet Hope), Flood (Jars Of Clay)

10. What are you currently listening to?...3rd Day, Sarah MacIntosh 11. Favorite Concerts?...3rd Day, Scarlet Hope, U2 (Joshua Tree)

12. Favorite Films?...Passion Of The Christ, Veggie Tales

13. Favorite Books (other than the Bible) ?...Living Water (Chuck Smith)

14. What do you watch on the tube?...Don't Own A Tube

15. What websites do you frequent? ...Haven't visited my computer for awhile

16. Hobbies?...Hiking, Biking, Praising the Lord

17. Occupation?...Nutritional Consultant (Microscopist)

18. Favorite quote?..."Christ in Us The Hope Of Glory"

19. What's your life verse?..."Lift up A Standard" (Isiaih)

20. Favorite place to worship?...Natales Caf� in Santa Ana

21. Favorite scriptures?..."Unto Him Exceeding" , "No Eye Hath" , For My Grace Is Sufficient" (II Corinthians 12:9)

22. What Do You Love To Do?...Praising The Lord In All Things

23. Email Address/ my space/ website: ...

24. What would you like to tell the world?...That Jesus is Lord God and Savior

Jim Warino - Guitar, Vocals, Songwriter

1. Name...Jim Warino

2. Birthday...

3. Where did you grow up at? ... Norwalk

4. Instrument?...Guitars, vocals, bass

5. Gear List?...Sandoval Electrics, Kay (50's) Acoustic, Dean Nylon, Seagull 12 String, early amps/speakers/effects

6. How long have you been playing?...25 years

7. What productions, bands or worship teams have you performed in?...S.O.M. Worship CCCM, Fade From Black, Gnashing Of Teeth, classical recitals

8. Musical Influences?...Vince Jr., Art/Tony, Lynch, Rhoads, Villa Lobos, Iommi, Gates, Bach, Schenker, Rachmaninoff, Uli, Keaggy, Kraus

9. Favorite recordings?...Chris Tomlin, Phil Wickham, Flyleaf

10. What are you currently listening to?...early 2nd Chapter Of Acts

11. Favorite Concerts?...Fernando Ortega, Flyleaf

12. Favorite Films?...Passion Of The Christ, Jim Elliot Documentary, Cars, Kong, Secret Garden , Patton, Love Bug, It's A Wonderful Life

13. Favorite Books (other than the Bible) ?...Soulwinner (Spurgeon), Screwtape Letters (C.S. Lewis), Effective Prayer (E.M.Bounds), Morning And Evening (Spurgeon)

14. What do you watch on the tube?... Discovery, History, Old Classics, CNN, select Music Videos, Sports, Speed Channel (Racing), Family Network, Andy Griffith Show, pre 73 Disney movies

15. What websites do you frequent?... Craig's List, E Bay, News Sites, Bible/Creation sites, music and band sites

16. Hobbies? ...writing songs, building cars, cruising mountains and beaches

17. Occupation...Music teacher, Muscle/cruiser car resto, Musician

18. Favorite quote?..."The world has yet to see what a man totally devoted to God can do" and "Garbage in garbage out"

19. What's your life verse?...James 5:16 The Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous man avails much.

20. Favorite place to worship? ...In my room

21. Favorite scriptures?... Jude 22-23, John 14:6, Luke 10:20, Psalm 150:4, Exodus 14:13, Mark 11:22

22. What do you love to do?...Spending time with my kids; Hanging out or spending time with friends; Sharing the Word in song, word or walk; Attending Pastor Chuck studies: Kicking back; Fixing/cleaning things up to par

23. Email Address/ my space/ website...

24. What would you like to tell the world?...Heaven is real, hell is real, so don't mess around and come to Christ before it is too late.


We Have Been Blessed To Have These Following Guest Musicians Past And Present...

Eva Pesek-vocals,
Ivanna J-vocals,
Donna Davidson-vocals,
Kelly Heflin: vocals***
Kevin Gomez: drums
Krystal Mays:vocals
Tia Hong-vocals,
Mike Wendell-bass,
Michelle Brazil-vocals,
Kevin Doyle-percussion, drums,
Megan Burley-vocals,
Kari Yeager- vocals,
Ashley Maldonado-vocals,
Deborah Carter- vocals,
Mike Misekow-vocals-percussion-drums,
Randy Chambers-lead and acoustic guitars-bass-vocals,
Shasta Jones-vocals,
Elizabeth Mae Pasqual-vocals,
Justin Gibbons-drums,
Curtiss Malkovich-percussion-sound,
Ramona Creanga-violin,
Marcus Carmen-guitar,vocals
John Nowachek-vocals,guitar
Austin Davis; percussion,
Michael Swinson-vocals-percussion,
Jay Moceri- percussion-drums,
Ken Briggs- bass,
Fernando Alvarez-guitars-vocals,
Mike Garcia-percussion,
Glenda Kaser-vocals,
Steve Michael- percussion-vocals,
Angela Gorman-vocals-percussion,
Jim Snow-bass,
Geri Chiramonte-vocals,
Mark Dyrud-percussion,
Julian Gonzales-guitars-vocals,
Carl Saterfield-percussion,
Lorelee Roberts-vocals,
Cortney Crowfoot-vocals,
Andrea Nison-percussion,
Phil Gates-bass,
Darren Hughes-bass,
Jim Welch- vocals,
Richard Lindsey-bass,
Fred Pedregon-drums-percussion,

To these and other guest musicians not listed we gratefully thank you.

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