2019 Cloud Of Hope will be playing at the OC rescue Mission at least twice this year. The Mission is a great help for those that are having a hard time in life or have made some bad life decisions as the Mission house people for up to a year to get them back on track with the gospel. Songs are being written now for an original blues recording. into the studio they go this summer… You can keep track on us by checking our our Facebook page Cloud Of Hope Facebook for the latest news....

Currently in 2018 Cloud Of Hope as summer is in full swing and the band is getting ready for many live dates. Songs are getting tighter and next up will be to go back in one of the studios available to track some new songs. They are working on 2 new songs entitled Road To God and Music Box that should make it on the next CD. Videos are also in the mix as Jeff has picked up a digital interface to help with the sound on the live rehearsal vids. Check out our You Tube page for the newest releases....

Currently in 2017 Cloud Of Hope has been offered to play 4 one hour sets at the Irvine Spectrum. The OC Mall has a heavy influx of people and they are playing near the water fountains. Since Cloud is renowned as a Christmas band they are doing 3 dates during Christmas season.

2016 Currently Cloud Of Hope is in Tracy G's studio recording some rock versions of the Christmas classics “mary Did You Know and have yourself A merry Christmas. the rhythm section was spot on and they tracked some very good spontaneous ideas. 3 very gifted singers with each having a distinctive voice sang on Mary Did You Know. many people that have heard it live also are requesting it year round.. Interesting things are happening within the band members lives so your prayers are always appreciated.

Cloud Of Hope is currently in the studio laying down new tracks for an upcoming rock CD. First track to be recorded was "Jesus Christ our King", followed by the powerful "God Is”. Mid year the band shot a video of Jesus Christ Our King Come check out one of our live shows for a chance to catch one of the new tunes!

Work has begun on the Follow up to Christmas Blessings and now more songs have been recorded. The First Noel and The Little Drummer Boy were tracked.

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